~ Says that something was true in the past, is true in the present, and will be true in the future. It expresses general statements of fact and timeless truth.
Pattern :


An average person breathes 21.600 times a day.
The water flows from the higher place to the lower place.

  ~It is used to express habitual or everyday activities.
Shania always helps her mother to sell vegetables in the market.
Everyday, everyone needs exercises to stay healthy.

     ~ expresses an activity that is in progress at the moment o speaking.
Pattern :
I am presenting my power point now.
You are listening to my explanation.

  ~ It expresses the idea that something happened (never happened) before now at an unspecified time in the past.
Pattern :

Adverb: ever, never, already, yet, still, just.
Examples: I have seen the movie.


    ~ Emphasizes on the duration of an activity that began in the past and continuous to the present,
Time signals: for, since, all day, all week, all morning.

Example: We have been sitting in class since 8 o’clock in the morning.

Simple Past
   ~ Expresses an activity/situation began and ended at a particular time in the past.
Pattern :

All of us made mind mapping yesterday.
Our menu last night was “Bihun Goreng”


    ~ Both action occurred at the same time but one action began earlier and was in progress when the other action occurred.
Pattern :

The lecturer was standing in front of the class when I came in.

   ~ Both actions are in progress simultaneously.
Pattern :

I was sitting in class while the lecturer were explaining the lesson.

Expresses an activity or time in the past before another activity or time in the past.
Pattern :

Example: Sam had already left before Ann got there.
Means: 1st  > Sam left
            2nd > Ann got there

   ~ emphasized on the duration of an activity that was in progress before another activity/time in the past
Pattern :

 Example: The police had been looking for the criminals for two weeks before they caught them.

To express prediction, plan, and willingness

I will go to watch Harry Potter next week.
I am going to go to my friend’s wedding on the 5th of December.

Expresses an activity that will be in progress at a time in the future.

Example: I will begin study at seven.
 You will come at eight.
 I will be studying when you come.

Expresses an activity that will be completed before another time/event in the future.
Adv: By the time + Simple present

Example: I will have finished my homework when I go out on a date tonight.

Emphasized on the duration of an activity that will be in progress before another event/time in the future.

Example: I will go to bed at 10 p.m.
               Ed will get home at midnight
               At midnight I will be sleeping
                It means I will have been sleeping for two hours by the time Ed gets home.

I. Analyze these statements and give the response what tenses are these!

1. She was listening to the radio yesterday evening.
2. We are going to fly to Paris in summer.
3. He often reads books.
4. I have been waiting for Ari since 8 o'clock.
5. Last week he had an accident.
6. Tomorrow the sun will shine.
7. We had gone to the university library.
8. I will have phoned my sister by tomorrow evening.
9. Fatimah and Sule will be going to the concert.
10. I have cleaned my car.

II. Use the words she - to bring - magazines and form questions in the given tenses.
Example: Simple Past - ___________________
Answer: Simple Past - Did she bring magazines?
1) Simple present-
2) Present  Progressive -
3) Present Perfect
4) Present Perfect Progressive 
5) Simple past 
6) Past Progressive 
7) Past Perfect 
8) Past Perfect Progressive 
9) Simple Future
10) Future Progressive  
11) Future Perfect
12) Future Perfect Progressive


III. For this exercise, please click HERE

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