Yes/No and WH Questions

A. Yes/No Question
Yes/No Questions are questions which answers are either yes or no. To build a yes/no question we need:
  1. To be (is, am, are, was, were)
·         Is he an actor? Yes, he is.
·         Was the doctor in? Yes, he was.
  1. Helping verb / auxiliary verb (do, does, did)
·         Do you know him? No, I don’t.
·         Did he do this? No, he didn’t.
  1. Modals (can, may, should, must, might, could, will, shall)
·         Can you help me? Yes, I can.
·         Should you go now? No, I shouldn’t.

B. Wh-Questions
Wh-Questions are questions with detailed answers. Wh-Questions are usually begun with:
  1. Who (people) – to ask for someone as a subject
·         Who won the game? They did.
  1. Whom (people) – to ask for someone as an object.
·         Whom is she waiting for? She is waiting for Siti.
  1. Whose – to ask for someone’s possession
·         Whose book is this? It’s mine.
  1. Which – to ask for someone’s choice
·         Which one do you like best? I like this one.
  1. What – to ask for information
·         What are you doing? I’m typing a test.
  1. Where – to ask for information about place
·         Where are you? I’m in here.
  1. When – to ask for information about time
·         When will the class begin? At 7 am.
  1. How – to ask for information about some specific things: how many/much, how old, how long, how far, how fast, how often, etc.
Look at the conversation below and make a true/false statement from it!
Dialogue 1
Hani gets a gift from her mother. She is very happy.
Mother: Honey, your father said that he would take you to the department store.
Hani :  Hooray! That's wonderful. When do we go there, Mom?
Mother:  Perhaps after dinner. Father will buy a new pair of shoes for you. You know, we both are so proud of your performance at school.
Hani :  Thanks, Mom. I am also very proud to have parents like you both.
Mother: You are a wonderful daughter. I'm so lucky to be your Mom.
Hani :  Thanks Mom.

Dialogue 2
Deni tells Andi bad news. Rudi, his friend, has just got an accident.
Deni : Hi, Andi. I’ve heard that Rudi fell off when he was riding his motorcycles.
Andi :  Oh really? My God! What happened?
Deni  :  He was riding in a big storm. He must have skidded in the rain.
Andi :  Oh I am so sorry to hear that. Was he badly injured?
Deni  :  He was. He couldn't walk. He broke his legs.
Andi : Where is he now? Is he in the hospital?
Deni  :  He is still in the Emergency Unit of Sumber Waras Hospital.
Andi :  I'll go to the hospital right away.

Task 3
‘Wh - ’ Questions
 Complete each sentence, using what, where, when, who or why:
            what (information)
where (location)
when (time)
who (people)
why (reasons)
1.  _________________ ’s the time please?
2.  _________________ did I just say?
3.  _________________ do you think you are?
4.  _________________ is my coat?
5.  _________________ do you want to leave? This evening?
6.  _________________ didn’t you go to college this morning?
7.  _________________ was the Battle of Hastings?
8.  _________________ are you looking for?
9.  _________________ ’s your name?
10.  _________________ is the front door open?
11.  _________________ is the star of ‘Spiderman’?
12.  _________________ didn’t you call me last night?
13.  _________________ do you live?
14.  _________________ did you go to last night?
15. “_________________ did you leave school?” “In 1994.”
16.  _________________ do you work?
17.  _________________ were you talking to yesterday?
18.  _________________ ’s going on?
19.  _________________ are you still in bed at four in the afternoon?
20.  _________________ is your birthday?

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