Here are the expressions used to apologize and their responses
(from the more formal to less formal expression):

Forgive me. I’m terribly sorry about …
Please accept my apology for …
Please excuse … (e.g., my cat)
I would like to apologize for …
I apologize for …
I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to …
I’m sorry that …

That’s quite all right
I completely understand
You don’t need to apologize.
Oh, that’s all right. It can happen to
It’s not your fault.
Don’t worry about it
It’s OK
No problem.
Forget it.

Task 1
Answer the  questions orally!
1. What will you do if you damage someone’s property?
2. What do you say to show your regret?
3. Will you pay for the damage?
4. What other situations should someone apologize?
Task 2

Practice this dialogue with your partner.
Randy         : Hello, Randy’s speaking. Can I speak to Marni?
Marni           : Yes, it’s me, Randy. Did you get home all right last night?
Randy         : Yes, thank you. I just want to apologize for the incident last night.
Marni           : Please don’t mention it. It doesn’t matter.
Randy         : But I broke a decorating pitcher in your house. It must be expensive. Wasn’t your mother angry?
Marni           : Forget it. You did it accidentally.
Randy         : Yes, but …
Marni           : Look. It’s nothing. I was a bit annoyed last night, but I’m all right now. So, forget it.
Randy         : Marni, let me buy another pitcher …
Marni           : No, Randy. Listen to me, you did it accidentally. I don’t want to hear about it anymore.
Randy         : All right. I’m terribly sorry about that.
Marni           : It’s all right.

Task 3

Answer the questions based on the dialogue above!
1. Where does the conversation take place?
2. Why does Randy call Marni?
3. Did Randy break the property deliberately?
4. Does he regret for what he did?
5. Does Marni accept his apology?
6. What did Marni feel last night?
7. Will Randy buy another pitcher next day?
8. Mention the two expressions to apologize stated in the dialogue!

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