Greeting and leave-taking

Study the following expressions of greetings, introducing, meeting and parting.

• Good morning.
• Good afternoon.
• Good evening.
• How nice to see you
• Hello.
• How are you?
• How do you do?
• How are you doing?
• Hi!

• Good morning.
• Good afternoon.
• Good evening.
• Yes, it's been so nice.
• Fine, thanks.
• How do you do?
• Not bad.
• Hi!

Introducing yourself
Introducing someone

• First let me introduce myself.
• My name is ....
• Allow me to introduce my self.
• I'm ...
• Excuse me my name's ...
• How do you do? My name is ....
• Hi! I'm ...
• Hello! My name is ...
• Good morning. My name's ...

• I would like to introduce you to ....
• Let me introduce you to ...
• This ...
• Allow me to introduce ....
• I'd like you to meet ...
• Do you know ...
• Oh look, here's Peter.
• Peter–Jeny, Jeny– Peter

Forgive me. I’m terribly sorry about …
Please accept my apology for …
Please excuse … (e.g., my cat)
I would like to apologize for …
I apologize for …
I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to …
I’m sorry that …

That’s quite all right
I completely understand
You don’t need to apologize.
Oh, that’s all right. It can happen to
It’s not your fault.
Don’t worry about it
It’s OK
No problem.
Forget it.
Leave Takings
·         Sorry, I have to go now
·         I’ll talk to you later
·         It’s been nice talking to you.
·         Good bye
·         See you
·         Yes, of course. See you
·         Okay.
·         Okay, take care.
·         Bye
·         See you too.

Greeting and leave taking

Soal –soal kompetensi Introducing oneself and others

Choose the best answer.
(Pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat)

1.   Mega         : “Mr.Bambang, _____my father.”
      Bambang   : “How do you do, Mr. Soekarno?”
      Soekarno   : “How do you do, Mr.Bambang?”
a.       I’d like to introduce
b.      I want to invite
c.       I like you to visit
d.      I’m glad to help

2.   Jet Lee       : “This is Mr Jacky Chan, an old friend of mine.”
      Samo Hung: “______”
a.       Pleased to meet you
b.      How are you getting on?
c.       May I know your name?
d.      You’re welcome

3.   Jack     : Rita,____
      Rita     : Pleased to meet you.
      Don     : Pleased to meet you too.
a.       Don wants to meet you
b.      Don’t you know Don is my friend
c.       I’d like you to meet my friend Don
d.      Pleased introduce yourself to Don

4.   “_____.My name is Setiawan.”
 “Hello.I’m Djuharie.Pleased to meet you.”
a.       Do you know my name?
b.      I don’t think we have meet
c.       I’m very happy to meet you
d.      Do you want to know me?

5.   Susilo        : “I’d like to meet my brother, Yudhoyono.”
      Bambang   : “How do you do,Yudhoyono?”
      Yudhoyono: “_______”
a.       I’m great
b.      It’s okay
c.       No Problem
d.      How do you do?

6.   Otong        : “Let me introduce you to my twin, Setiawan.”
      Djuharie    : “How do you do, Setiawan.”
      Setiawan   : “How do you do?It’s nice to meet you.”
      Djuharie    : “_______”
a.       Me too
b.      I should be nice
c.       Do you?
d.      Am I nice?

7.   “Excuse me. Are you Setiawan?”
      “No, I’m Dedi Mulyadi._____?”
      “I am Nunung Masnuah.”
a.       What are you?
b.      What is your name?
c.       I beg you pardon
d.      Do you know me?

8.   Fini            : ”____your new friend, Nanan.”
      Students    : “Hi,Nanan.Nice to meet you.”
      Nanan        : “Hi,nice to meet you to.”
a.       Is she
b.      This is
c.       I present
d.      You must know
9.   Speaker     :”Ladies and gantelments, I’d like to introduce my self.______.I am a lecturer at UGM. ”
a.       I am Kalla
b.      I want you call me Kalla
c.       Call me Kalla
d.      Kalla is good name, isn’t it?

10. Mahrum     : “I’d like you to meet Taufik, my only son.”
      Tatat          : ”_____.Taufik. How do you do?”
      Taufik        : “Hello, Miss Tatat. How do you do?Great to meet you.”
a.       Gee
b.      Hello
c.       Sorry
d.      Oh

Soal – soal kompetensi Expressing Gratitude (thanking).
Choose the best answer
(Pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat)

1.   “Thank you,Mom!”
a.       I am sorry
b.      I am fine
c.       You are welcome
d.      You are good

2.   Prabu   :”Kadita, this is a present for you. I hope you like it.”
      Kadita :”Oh, This is so wonderful._____”
a.       Thank you very much
b.      You are so kind to me
c.       I like it very much
d.      May I have it?

3.   Reza          :”____for lending me the books.”
      Artamevia :”You are welcome.”
a.       That’s good idea
b.      No,I’d be glad to
c.       Thank you very much
d.      I’m afraid I can’t

4.   One day, you are celebrating your birthday party.Your friends gave you many presents.What did you say to them?
a.       It’s very kind of you to give me presents.Thank you very much.
b.      I’m much obliged to you for your presents
c.       It’s a pleasure
d.      That’s alright

5.   You gave a present to your friend and she/he thanked you.What did you say to respon it?
a.       I am glad I could help you
b.      I’m glad you like it
c.       You are welcome
d.      You are very nice

6.   Anita   : “Thank you for your help.”
      Teddy  : “_______.”
a.       The same to you
b.      You must say it again
c.       That’s what I want to hear from you
d.      You know I am helpful

7.   Nunik  : ”Would you add your soup?”
      Fini      : “Enough._____.”
a.       Thank you for the dinner
b.      I am glad with delicious food
c.       I am pleased you like it
d.      Shall I say thank you?
8.   Teacher      : “Have you finished reading the book you borrowed from me?”
      Yayat        : “Yes.I have, Sir. I finished it last night.”
      Teacher      : “Good!”
      Yayat        : “_____for lending me the book.”
      Teacher      : “You are welcome.”
a.       Thank you very much
b.      That’s okay
c.       No,thanks,sir
d.      Not at all

9.   Tatat got a present from her father. She was very happy with the present because it was the most beautiful present in her birthday.
      Father  : “Happy birthday,dear! This is a present from me.”
      Tatat    : “Oh it is very beautiful,_____”
      Father  : “You are welcome.”
a.       Don’t worry
b.      I am sorry
c.       Thank you very much
d.      You are very lucky

10. Guest   : “Thank you very much for your help.”
      Host    : “_____”
a.       You’re Welcome
b.      Thank you for coming
c.       I’m glad
d.      No,thanks

11. X         : “Thank you very much for your help.”
      Y         : “____”
a.       No.I didn’t it
b.      Don’t mention it
c.       It will be my pleasure
d.      Never mind

12. A        : “Happy birthday,Fini. Here is a present for you.”
       B        : “_______”
a.       Oh,Thank you
b.      How kind of you say that!
c.       Oh,yes!
d.      Is this for me?

Soal2 kompetensi apology

1. Mother: “Have you cleaned the floor Reva?
a. thank you            c. I’m very sorry
b. don’t worry         d. it doesn’t matter

2. Woman: mind the step dear!
     Man: okay, honey
    Woman: and don’t walk so fast, I can’t     keep up with you
    Man : ……………………
a.       Oh don’t bother, please
b.      Take care, please
c.       Don’t mention it
d.      I’m sorry
3. Woman: Excuse me. I was in line here first,
    Man: ……………
a.   oh I’m sorry
b.   really?
c.   Not again
d.  I don’t mind
4. Man: would you like to stay here a little longer
   Woman: ……………
a.       Meet me at 10 at my house, will you?
b.      I want to stay at the house number 10
c.       Sorry, what I need is a 10-cm longer stick
d.      Sorry, I can’t stay. I must meet someone at 10.
5. Woman: have you got a room for one night, please?
     Man: ………….
a.       I’ll take it
b.      Can I see the room
c.       Sorry, we’re full up
d.      I’d like a good hotel

6. Man: I’m Sorry. I Have Lost Your Pen.
    Woman: ………………
  1. Oh No, Why?
  2. Don’t Forget It
  3. It Isn’t Expensive
  4. It Doesn’t Matter A Bit
7. Woman: I Lost My Notebook. Could I Borrow Yours Before The Test.
    Man: ………………..
  1. I Know. You Look Awful
  2. I’m Sorry. I’d Like To Help You, But I Can’t.
  3. Not At All. I Can Study On My Weekend Breaks.
  4. I Certainly Did. I Had To Take I With Me.
8. Man: Jane, I’m Going To Have A Party Tomorrow Evening. It’s My Younger Brother’s Party, Can You Come.
   Woman: ……………………..
  1. I’m Sorry I Can’t. I’ve Got Another Appointment.
  2. I’d Be Glad To. I’ve Got Another Appointment.
  3. It’s All Right, Thanks. I’ve Got Another Appointment.
  4. I’m Very Sorry To Hear That. I’ve Got Another Appointment.
9. Woman: excuse me sir. This is a nonsmoking area.
    Man: ……………
  1. how sorry
  2. it’s pity
  3. I am so sorry
  4. I accept your apologies
10. Woman: I’m terribly sorry I forgot to bring your storybook
     Man: never mind I don’t need it until the day after tomorrow
Narrator: what does the man mean?
  1. Accepting apologize
  2. Confusing
  3. Angry
  4. Praising

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