Expressing Feeling

A. Read the dialogue carefully and answer some questions.
          Cindy gets good news about her job application. She is very happy.
    Cindy : Dad, where is mom?
    Father : She is back there.
    Cindy : Mommy, Mommy….
    Mother : I'm right here. What's up?
    Cindy : Mom, you know, I sent a job application to a big international company near the downtown  a              couple of days ago and just now I got a phone call from the company that I get accepted. I am           going to work. It's lovely.
    Mother : Yes, that's wonderful. Come on. Go tell your daddy.
    Cindy : Yes, I will. I'm so happy right now.

1. Why does Cindy feel happy?
2. What is Cindy’s mother response hearing that Cindy gets accepted in a big international company?
3. When did Cindy send her job application?
4. What did Cindy send job application to a big international company?
5. Mention expression of feeling that you can find in the dialogue!

B. Learn and remember the adjectives to express the feelings {find the meanings of the adjectives on your dictionary}
1. Bored:_____________________ 15. hopeless:________________________
2. sad:_______________________ 16. frustrated:________________________
3. happy:_____________________ 17. confused:_________________________
4. disappointed:________________ 18. worried:__________________________
5. glad:_______________________ 19. excited:__________________________
6. impressed:__________________ 20. anxious:__________________________
7. nervous:____________________ 21. high spirited:______________________
8. angry:______________________ 22. crazy:____________________________
9. excellent:___________________ 23. wonderful:________________________
10. terrible:___________________ 24. terrific:___________________________
11. amazed:___________________ 25. depressed:________________________
12. embarrassed:_______________ 26. interested:________________________
13. tired:_____________________ 27. exhausted:________________________
14. thankful:__________________ 28. low spirited:______________________

C. Fill in the blank spaces with the suitable words.
1. He felt _____ because he has won the swimming competition.
a. worried b. anxious c. happy d. hopeless
2. Please don’t be _____ even though you couldn’t meet your favorite singer.
a. crazy b. disappointed c. worried d. nervous
3. Tya is _____. She will go to Singapore next month.
a. impressed b. excited c. glad d. terrific
4. I am _____ to know that you will help me doing my homework.
a. angry b. confused c. glad d. sad
5. We are truly _____ by your great performance on the stage.
a. happy b. excellent c. bored d. impressed

D. Learn and remember the adjective with –ing. They are used to express something’s/someone’s which affect our feeling.
1. boring:________________________ 7. interesting:_______________________
2. confusing:_____________________ 8. disappointing:_____________________
3. exciting:_______________________ 9. impressing:_______________________
4. worrying:_______________________ 10. frustrating:_______________________
5. embarrassing:___________________11. amazing:_________________________
6. tiring:__________________________12. exhausting:_______________________

E. Make a dialogue based on the situation given. Choose one from the topics.
1. Someone steals your money.
2. Your friends help you solving your big problem.
3. Your family gives surprise in your birthday.
4. Someone cheats you on the competition.
5. You have the first rank on your class.

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