Talking about reservation

       Taking a Reservation

Front Desk Receptionist
* Caksin Hotel, Luna Moyo speaking. How can I help you?
* What date are you looking for?
* How long will you be staying?
* How many adults will be in the room?
* I'm afraid we are booked that weekend.
* There are only a few vacancies left.
* We advise that you book in advance during peak season.
* Will two double beds be enough?
* Do you want a smoking or non-smoking room?
* The dining room is open from 4 pm until 10 pm.
* We have an indoor swimming pool and sauna.
* We serve a continental breakfast.
* Cable television is included, but the movie channel is extra.
* Take Exit 8 off the highway and you'll see us a few kilometers up on the left hand side.
* The rate I can give you is 99.54 with tax.
* We require a credit card number for a deposit.

* I'd like to make a reservation for next week.
* Is it necessary to book ahead?
* Do you charge extra for two beds?
* How much is it for a cot?
* Do you offer free breakfast?
* Is there a restaurant in the hotel?
* Do the rooms have refrigerators?
* Do you do group bookings?
* Is there an outdoor pool?
* Do you have any cheaper rooms?

     Hotel reception
Mr.Azmi has gone on tour to Lucknow. He enters in the Caksin Hotel and goes to the Hotel Reception

Hotel receptionist : Good afternoon, Sir. Can I help you?

Mr.Azmi: Good afternoon. Can I get a room in the Hotel please?

Hotel Receptionist : Have you made an Advance booking, Sir?

Mr.Azmi: I’m afraid I haven’t done any room reservation.

Hotel Receptionist: What kind of a room do you want, Sir? A double room or a single room?

Mr.Azmi   : A single room, please.

Hotel Receptionist: Let me see. (Looking at the register).OK sir, your room is 114.

Mr.Azmi : What is the room tariff in this hotel?

Hotel Receptionist: We charge Rp.350.000 a day for a single room Sir.How long do you want to stay, Sir?

Mr.Azmi : Just for one night. I’m catching the afternoon train tomorrow.

Hotel Receptionist: All right.

Mr.Azmi: Thank you very much.

Hotel Receptionist: You are welcome.

Hello class ,still remember about your task?well,let me explain again.Please write down on your book the dialogue above, make a partner then practice it without looking a book.I think it is easy,isn't it?.
OK, next I will see your job.good luck and see you on next meeting.....bye...

If you want to exercise more please visit HERE
or  want looking video,please watch this.........

And this is the example dialogue about confirm after making reservation.Please take a look this..!

Miss Anis      = Good this Grafika Hotel?
Receptionist  = Yes,you’re right.what can I do for you?
Miss Anis      = This is Miss Anis.I would like to confirm my booking.
Receptionist  = Well.Let me see at the booking list.Miss Anis,a single roomwith bath and telephone for     the                  nights of April 15 to April 24.Is that right?
Miss Anis     =Yes,you’re right.I’ll check in at that time.OK.Thanks for your help.
Receptionist =You’re welcome.

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